Monterrey is the capital of Nuevo León, Northeastern Mexico. At an elevation of about 1,765 feet (538 meters) in the west-central part of the state, Monterrey sprawls over the semiarid floodplain of the Santa Catarina River, which spills eastward from the flanks of the Sierra Madre Oriental. Parts of the city are set against the scenic backdrop of Cerro de la Silla , a mountain that has an elevation of more than 5,500 feet (1,700 meters). 




Monterrey is the heart of one the country’s largest urban agglomerations. With a mixture of services and manufacturing, it is also the key to Nuevo León’s status as the third largest state economy in Mexico, after the Mexico City and the state of México.  Heavy industries such as ironworks and steelworks produce steel sheet-rolls and an array of other metal products. Monterrey’s wide range of light manufactures textiles, beer, processed foods, chemicals, and glass and plastic products.



If you are flying to Monterrey, the airport to fly will be Monterrey International Airport Mariano Escobedo MTY. This airport is located 28-30 Km from Tec de Monterrey campus.  Usually, it takes 30 minutes’ drive.  

Information about  MTY Airport:


TAXIS at Airport

There are several taxi companies that you can choose from. We recommend you choose Casco/Contaxi or Totsa and the tickets are sold inside the airport terminal.

The average cost of a taxi from the airport to the city is from $300-$400 Mexican Pesos  Approx. $16 - $22 USDlls.


Taxi tickets vending machines are located outside the Bagadge Claim and Customs, you usualy select a Taxi company and the Zone where you are going.  Please check the map 

( i think is Zone 3 for Tecnologico de Monterrey Area)


Image result for aeropuerto de monterrey taxi boletos



The Taxis are located  outside in the other side of the Airport ( Terminal A)